From The Business of Energy in U.S. Academic Research Computing
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Key resources:

National Academies report Apon article

Lifka final report 2010 Lifka workshop 2013

My thanks to the CASC members who helped to make this project possible. Project sponsors were CASC Chair David Lifka, CASC Washington Liaison Susan Fratkin, and Nick Berente of the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. Nick was very generous with his time and advice, and helped to dovetail my efforts with his own investigations into characteristics of CASC member organizations.

Other colleagues in the supercomputing industry offered advice and input, including but not limited to Amy Apon, Craig Stewart, and Frank Williams.

At BGI, my practicum instructor Mary Kay Chess was unfailing in encouragement, and provided rapid and useful feedback. My sustainable energy instructor Jimmy Jia provided the framework and background necessary to apply energy concepts to research computing. My practicum coaching team offered advice and support throughout the year: Amanda, Heather, Marissa, Melissa, and Molly. Marissa and Molly also worked with me on a data center case study for the Energy class.

As always, love and admiration go to my charming wife, Ilana, without whom all my efforts would seem pointless and bleak.